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Rodeo Approvals

Rodeo Applications and Approvals

The PRCA's rodeo approvals process helps ensure that all PRCA-sanctioned rodeos meet the requirements and standards of professional rodeo, have rules that are consistent with the PRCA's other rodeos and are fair to all participants, and are prepared to handle contingencies in a professional manner that is a credit to the rodeo committee, the local community, the PRCA and the sport of rodeo.

Why Become a PRCA Rodeo?
Producing a successful rodeo requires dedication, long hours and hard work by local committee members, and a commitment from the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association in Colorado Springs, Colo., to provide the necessary assistance. [more]

10 Reasons to Become PRCA Rodeo
The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association has identified 10 ways in which your rodeo committee can benefit by becoming a PRCA sanctioned rodeo. [more]

PRCA Rodeo Approval Application
A complete application includes; the approval fee, sponsorship agreement, committee dues, tax ID number, along with all info requiring signatures of the Stock Contractor and Committee Contact.

2021 PRCA Rodeo Approval Application

PRCA Rodeo Sponsorship Form
Committee acknowledges that the PRCA or PRCAP shall have the right to secure and designate national corporate sponsors for the PRCA and its activities.

2021 Rodeo Sponsorship Form  [ONLINE]
2021 Rodeo Sponsorship Form   [PDF]

PRCA Approval Application Livestock Welfare
The welfare of the livestock at PRCA rodeos depends on each rodeo committee paying close attention to the rules regarding the care of the livestock and sharing information with the PRCA that will allow follow up.

2021 Livestock Welfare Approval Application

PRCA Permit Section Approval Application
A complete application includes; rodeo and event information, committee contacts, stock contractors, performance dates and times, special ground rules, along with all information requiring signatures of the Stock Contractor and Committee Contact.

2021 Permit Section Approval Application

Fees Scale
Two fees must be paid before a rodeo is approved. 1.) An approval fee based on the date the application is received and total purse money for the 6 standard events (BB, SB, BR, TD, SW, TR). 2.) Committee dues based on total purse. [more]

Business Journal
The following pages serve as the official record of business for the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. Important notices... [more]