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PRCA Media Department

is responsible for keeping the media and public informed about ProRodeo, providing all content for the PRCA website ( magazine (ProRodeo Sports News) and press releases. In addition to the PSN, the department also publishes an annual 575-page Media Guide, Media CD, Contract Personnel Directory, ProRodeo Program and Wrangler National Finals Rodeo program, while also facilitating cowboy interviews with the media and helping rodeo committees promote their events.

Media Department
Press Kit
Issuing press credentials to identify working reporters and photographers is a common practice at all major professional sporting events and your rodeo should be no different. [ MORE ]

2024 Committee Guide 2024 Committee Guide
This PRCA Committee Guide was produced by the PRCA’s Media Department, which strives to make this Committee Guide as up to date and accurate as possible. [ MORE ]

Contract Personnel Directory Contract Personnel Directory
This Contract Personnel Directory includes only active, insured PRCA members who held cards in at least one of the above categories... [ MORE ]

Social Media Policy Social Media Policy
The PRCA believes reach provided through social media platforms benefits the organization and the sport of rodeo. To maintain the integrity of the membership and its cowboys, the PRCA developed a social media policy. [ MORE ]

Social Media Policy Photographer Information
Only PRCA member photographers are granted a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use, reproduce, display and distribute images taken during PRCA-sanctioned events. No other photographer is allowed to shoot a PRCA-sanctioned event without written approval from the PRCA or the rodeo committee. [ MORE ]

Licensing Video Licensing
For more information about livestreaming rodeos, or licensing PRCA video footage [ CLICK HERE ]

Publicity is nothing more than placing your event in front of the public. Good publicity creates goodwill for your rodeo and your committee, and that usually equates to good gate receipts. [ MORE ]

Media Guidlines Guidelines For Media Coverage
The following guidelines govern media covering PRCA events, as well as those co-sponsored and approved by the association. All media must review these guidelines. [ MORE ]

Media Guide Icon 2022 PRCA Media Guide
[ MORE ]