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Massey Ferguson: Sowing Good Deeds
The Hesston by Massey Ferguson Sowing Good Deeds award is in recognition of the support that PRCA sanctioned rodeos contribute to local, regional and national charities. The winner will receive a Massey Ferguson tractor valued at over $60,000 and will be announced at the 2024 Wrangler NFR.


All rodeos live-streamed on Cowboy Channel Plus should invoice the PRCA for media rights within 30 days of the completion of their rodeo. Please e-mail [email protected] if you have questions, or would like to submit your invoice digitally. 


Change R9.3.3.8 Fouled Bull Rider. If a contestant is fouled in the Bull Riding event and he declares or is disqualified prior to the expiration of the (8) second time requirement, he will be entitled to a re-ride. If he accepts the foul and qualifies, he is only entitled to his marking.

Change R3.2.5.3 Designated Re-Rides Set. Any PRCA event that adds more than $9,999.99, two designated re-rides must be drawn per rule R3.2.6. Only the required number of re-rides will count as an official out for NFR qualification. Additional re-rides may be set; however, they will not count as an official out for NFR qualification unless they are used. If an animal is drawn for competition but turned out for any reason by a contestant, including notified turnout, non-notified turnout, doctor release, visible injury or draw out, it will count as an out. If an animal is drawn for competition but removed by the contractor for any reason, including sickness or injury lameness, it will not count towards the minimum number of outs. Failure to have available re-rides will result in a $1,000 fine to the contractor and will progressively double after each offense.
Effective for the 2024 Rodeo Season (beginning October 1, 2023)

Change B8.3.1 Minimum Performances. All riding event livestock selected for the NFR must have been drawn for competition a minimum of eight outs at PRCA events during the Rodeo Year for which the NFR is being held. An animal selected for bareback riding or saddle bronc riding need only have eight outs in these two events combined. Outs at the previous year’s NFR, will not count toward the minimum number of outs. All riding event livestock minimum performance requirements must be met by the end of the Rodeo Year in order to be selected. A Stock Contractor qualifying to bring selected riding event livestock to the NFR under paragraph B8.3.2 below may bring only Eligible Livestock.
Effective for the 2024 Rodeo Season (beginning October 1, 2023)

R9.5.6 Only Rosin Allowed. Rosin may be used on chaps and saddle. Anyone using excessive rosin or any other foreign substance, in the sole discretion of a rodeo judge, shall be fined $250 for the first offense, $500 for the second offense, $1,000 for the third offense, and a 30-day suspension and $1,000 fine for the fourth and subsequent offenses within a given rodeo year. The judges will examine clothing, saddle, and rein.

COMMITTEES: New PRCA and Xtreme Bulls intros/commercials available for 2024

Please have your screen operator contact [email protected] for new materials. 


The California Department of Food and Agriculture has reported 4 confirmed cases and 11 suspect cases of Vesicular Stomatitis in Riverside County and San Diego County, California as of May 23, 2023.  This has affected at least 15 equine premises in California.

For the members entering Canada, you must have proof that any equine you intend to take into Canada has been in a Vesicular Stomatitis free state for a minimum of 21 days before those equines will be allowed to cross the U.S.-Canadian border.  This is in addition to the regular health requirements of the Canadian authorities and will be required until further notice.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Canadian Authorities using the information on the following site: .
Member Benefit: Free Financial Consultation

The PRCA is excited to offer Complimentary Financial Wellness Consultations to all members. In partnership with Northwestern Mutual, a dedicated team of financial professionals has been assembled with PRCA athletes and members in mind. With offices nationwide you can be just a phone call or office visit closer to finding financial security.

Book your free consultation here

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