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Coors Man In The Can Voting

We are asking for your cooperation in the selection of the 2020 Coors Man in the Can. This evaluation is very important to these barrelmen. Each has worked very hard in 2020 to represent both the PRCA and the Coors Banquet brand in the sport of rodeo. [ Click here for more information ]

For Committees: Media Rights & Approvals

The PRCA has been very fortunate this year to have Rural Media Group as a strong media partner that is committed to the promotion of PRCA professional rodeo and the values and traditions of our sanctioned rodeo committees. Even in this pandemic year, hundreds of PRCA rodeo performances are being televised or streamed to fans worldwide. The viewership results are beyond expectations and continuing to grow.
[ Read More ]

2020 Veterinarian of the Year

PRCA members or members of a PRCA rodeo committee may nominate a veterinarian who they have worked with that has shown an extraordinary commitment to the health and welfare of rodeo livestock involved in PRCA-sanctioned rodeos.   The PRCA Veterinarian of the Year is recognized annually at the PRCA Awards Banquet held in conjunction with the PRCA Convention and National Finals Rodeo. Click HERE for more information and the nomination form.

Oklahoma Importing Horse Requirements

Oklahoma State Veterinarian requirements for importing horses in the State of Oklahoma [ Read More ]

Nominate the 2020 Purina Horse Of The Year presented by AQHA

PRCA Board changes for the 2020 rodeo season

PRCA member updates [ Read More ]

Patch Sponsorship & T.V. Value

Earlier this year we launched a new partnership with The Cowboy Channel and entered a new era of PRCA television. The early viewership results have been very exciting. This extensive television coverage and increased viewership will mean more value for our members as they become more recognizable to our fans.

Video Presentation 
PDF 1-Sheet

Kick Open the Chutes Program

We are excited to announce the Kick Open the Chutes program to help safely jumpstart our rodeos in May and June coming out of the global coronavirus pandemic. [ READ MORE ]

VSV Update 8/17/2020

The following is an update on the Vesicular Stomatitus Virus (VSV). [ Read More ]

COVID-19 News and Updates

For the latest PRCA-related news on the COVID-19 outbreak, please visit

CBD Oil Statement

The PRCA continues to closely monitor the field of Cannabidiol (CBD) Oils in relation to animal welfare.

The use of CBD Oil on all horses and livestock used for contest purposes is prohibited by the PRCA at all sanctioned rodeos and will remain prohibited until further research becomes available. PRCA Rule 8.10 states: “No Stimulants or Hypnotics. No stimulants or hypnotics may be given to any animal used for contest purposes.” 

For the sake of clarity, any use of CBD sponsor patches is prohibited at all PRCA-sanctioned rodeos. 

Attention Contestants:

Please note that PRCA Rule R1.7.1.3 will be in effect for the 2020 season. Meaning both ‘official’ entry rodeos and ‘unofficial’ entry rodeos WILL count toward a contestants required circuit participation count. 

Effective for the 2020 Rodeo Season – 2020 Circuit Finals Rodeos and the 2021 RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo WILL count toward PRCA World Standings.  

Attention Steer Ropers

The following will be effective immediately for the 2019/2020 season:

The 2019 individual Circuit Finals Steer Roping events (Badlands, Columbia River, Montana, Mountain States, Prairie, Texas, Turquoise) and the 2020 National Circuit Finals Steer Roping will count toward the 2020 World Standings and qualifications.  These events will be Official Entry Rodeos (contestant must designate unofficial).  If a contestant has not met the required participation count it will be an automatic unofficial entry rodeo for that contestant and will not count toward 2020 World Standings or qualification rodeos.  For any Steer Roping Circuit Finals Rodeo that occurs prior to the 2019 regular season cutoff date, money won at those circuit finals rodeos will count toward the 2020 World Standings and qualifications.  Official money won at the 2019 Circuit Finals Steer Roping and the 2020 National Circuit Finals Steer Roping will not count toward the All-Around.   

Media Guide Chapters Available

Online chapters of the PRCA Media Guide are available.  Please click here. 

2020 PRCA Convention

Non-Booth Registration: [CLICK HERE]
Booth Registration: [CLICK HERE]

The ProRodeo Sports News

You can find the latest version of the PSN and Business Journal at

The stand-alone Business Journal can be found here PRCA-Business-Journal.pdf

As we shift our focus to expand our digital presence, we will bring ProRodeo Sports News to your digital fingertips to keep you updated 24/7 on the latest rodeo news, and we’re going to take advantage of that.

The PSN will be online in flip-book format for your mobile phone, tablet and computer every two weeks to keep you updated on the latest rodeos, events and stories. And because the digital version will be online, we will continually update issues to keep you apprised of any rodeo changes.

The printed edition of the PSN will be published once a month and will be a combination of the digital magazines. It will continue to list upcoming rodeos, highlight and feature cowboys and livestock, and will continue to deliver the best rodeo coverage in the industry.
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