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Five general rules apply to the use of the PRCA trademarks on printed materials. The PRCA trademarks may be used on any material promoting your rodeo as long as the material is not displayed on merchandise that is going to be sold. Written permission must be obtained from PRCA Properties before merchandise bearing the PRCA logo can be offered for sale. The PRCA strictly guards the use of its trademarks because misuse could undermine the Association and the reputation behind its high-quality productions.

  1. The purpose and benefits of using the PRCA Trademarks to promote your sanctioned rodeo
    1. The PRCA Trademarks are a marketing tool designed to promote professional rodeo.
    2. The PRCA Trademarks inform the public, therefore, potential ticket-buyers, that your rodeo is sanctioned by the Association.
    3. Using the PRCA Trademarks guarantee your spectators will see only the best professional cowboys and rodeo livestock.
    4. Using the PRCA Trademarks identifies your rodeo as a cut above the many hundreds of non-PRCA sanctioned rodeos in the United States.
    5. By using the PRCA trademarks properly, committees safeguard their own interests as well as the PRCA's.
  2. The PRCA Trademarks may, and should, be used on all of the following print media
    1. All committee newspaper and magazine ads.
    2. All press releases.
    3. All program inserts.
    4. All personnel identification badges.
    5. All rodeo tickets.
    The PRCA Trademarks should appear on every printed promotional item, excluding merchandise intended for sale. As a general rule, the logo is best displayed when centered and near the bottom of the item.
  3. The Trademarks may, and should, be used on larger displays
    1. Billboards and other large signs.
    2. Banners.
    3. Posters.
    4. Bumper stickers
    When using the PRCA Trademarks on large displays, it should be prominent, and clearly separate and distinguishable from other symbols.
  4. Using the PRCA Trademarks in broadcast media is extremely easy and beneficial
    1. In a radio broadcast or advertisement use "Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association" or "PRCA."
    2. In television advertising use the printed logo and the phrase "Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association" or "PRCA." Using the PRCA Trademarks identifies your rodeo with quality. Television advertising allows the opportunity for visual and audio logo use, and the PRCA trademarks can easily be adapted for visual use on a television screen.
  5. The correct use of written versions of the PRCA Trademarks in all media
    1. Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association in the first reference and PRCA in subsequent references.
    2. PRCA ProRodeo as a shorter alternative.
    3. ProRodeo Hall of Fame and Museum of the American Cowboy in the first reference and ProRodeo Hall of Fame in subsequent references.
    4. Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in the first reference and Wrangler NFR in subsequent references.
    5. ProRodeo Sports News in the first reference and PSN in subsequent references.
  6. Rules for using the PRCA Trademarks and Logos
    1. Always leave appropriate space between the trademarks and other elements, such as type, illustrations and the border around the visual display area.
    2. ALWAYS avoid placing the logo against a textured background and Do not add shapes to the logo. Such applications destroy the logo's simplicity and visual integrity.
    3. ALWAYS provide adequate contrast between backgrounds and the colors of the PRCA Trademarks. The symbol and/or logo should never be screened (made to appear very light or run as a background) without careful consideration. Heavy screens can cause uneven color and ragged edges.
    4. ALWAYS avoid intersecting the PRCA Trademarks or logo type or symbol with color panels. Backgrounds within the border of the symbol must be one color.
    5. ALWAYS have the PRCA symbol photomechanically reproduced from an approved copy. The symbol should not be redrawn, reproportioned or otherwise modified. Official colors are Reflex Blue and Pantone Red (PMS 179), but reproduction in black or black-and-white reverse is permissible.