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PRCA Youth camps

About PRCA Youth Camps

Our mission is to provide a fun, educational and positive rodeo experience. Camp curriculum includes an introduction to roughstock events with an emphasis on safety, fundamentals, chute procedures, and riding equipment. The instructors will provide an overview of injury prevention, fitness, nutrition, as well as an introduction to PRCA business and goal setting. Instructors provide encouragement to participants as they pursue both their rodeo careers and scholastic endeavors.

Important Information:

  • Camps are available for children ages 8+ to attend.
  • PRCA Youth Camps use the rodeo arena or portable chutes.
  • These are ground camps; we do not offer live buck-outs. However, we do sometimes use livestock in our teaching.
  • Please complete the host application and submit for consideration for 2022 to get a better idea of what we look for when selecting camp hosts.
  • Our intent is to have up to 14 camps this year.

PRCA Responsibilities:

  • Creation of promotional flyer and artwork (website, social networks, etc.)
  • PRCA to provide insurance coverage (PRCA will name host and arena as additional insured at no additional cost)
  • PRCA will promote youth camps via the website, social networks, and email campaigns.
  • PRCA to provide training devices if required.
  • PRCA to provide instructor stipends.
  • PRCA and host to recruit instructors and guest speakers

Joint Responsibilities:

  • PRCA and host to provide goody bags for all participants
  • PRCA and host to take photos and video of the camp and share once the camp is completed
  • If easily available PRCA and host to secure use of demonstration livestock (saddle horses, steers)

Host Responsibilities:

  • Host to promote the camp in the geographic region
  • Manage all registrations
  • Host to provide A/V equipment if needed (TV/projector, screen, and PA system)
  • Host to recruit and provide volunteers (5-10 for the duration of camp)
  • Host is responsible for coordination of media interviews/requests
  • Host to provide a meal during the camp for participants and instructors

We want to host a camp:

  • Complete the PRCA Youth Camp host application by clicking HERE.
  • Contact Tate Stratton at 918-899-9881 with any questions or to discuss the camps.

Thank you for your interest in hosting a PRCA Youth Camp!