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Livestock Welfare

Livestock Welfare

The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) is deeply committed to the proper care and treatment of the livestock used in rodeo. The Livestock Welfare Program is extensive and covers many aspects including livestock care standards, education, research, outreach and government relations.

PRCA Rodeo Committee Guide to Livestock Welfare
One of the most important distinctions to make before continuing is the difference between animal rights groups and animal welfare groups. The more this is understood, the easier it is to know what groups to work with and which groups to avoid. [more]

A Veterinarian's Guide to PRCA Rodeos
The fast-paced action of professional rodeo is unrivaled in American sports, and provides entertainment to thousands of rodeo fans each year. The unique appreciation of both the human and animal athlete is obvious in professional rodeo, and one that has prompted special attention to ensure that both are well cared for before, during and after an exciting performance. This booklet will provide attending veterinarians with guidelines to services needed during professional rodeos. [more]

Guide to Communication on Rodeo Animal Welfare Issues
It is important for people involved in all facets of the sport of rodeo to be able to communicate effectively regarding the sport of rodeo and animal welfare issues. Whether that communication be with co-workers, the media, rodeo sponsors or anyone else asking questions... [more]

2015 Livestock Program Update
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