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PROCOM - 800.234.7722

Michaela Garcia.......................................PROCOM Manager
PROCOM ENTRIES..............................800.234.7722

Unveiled in 1976, PROCOM – Professional Rodeo Communications – simplified the business of entering a rodeo. PROCOM handles approximately 700,000 calls per year, averaging more than 2,000 per day during the peak summer season. With more than 40 operators manning telephones during the peak season, PROCOM makes the task of entering rodeos and tracking those entries easy for cowboys and rodeo secretaries, which in turn simplifies the rodeo production process for committees.

  1. What it does for the cowboys
    1. With one telephone call, cowboys can enter more than one rodeo sanctioned by the PRCA.
    2. Cowboys can offer preferences of the rodeos and times at which they wish to compete.
    3. The fully computerized system randomly appoints cowboys to a position in the competition schedule and matches roughstock riders with bucking stock.
    4. With the ‘buddy system,’ cowboys can enter a maximum of three other competitors at the same time – usually their traveling partners. That enables them to compete at the same rodeo at the same time and thus share expenses.
    5. Cowboys may obtain peripheral information, including the number of entries in their event, the identification of rodeo livestock and committee and sponsor information.
  2. How it benefits committees
    1. After stock is drawn, PROCOM provides day sheets containing a complete contestant roster and performance times.
    2. Day sheets are valuable in putting together rodeo programs and in providing information for news releases.
    3. All additional entry fees are established by PROCOM, easing the rodeo secretary’s burden of tracking a cowboy’s financial responsibilities, thus making a committee’s business of producing a rodeo much easier.
    4. Committees and stock contractors have toll-free privileges to PROCOM telephones listed in the Prorodeo Sports News. In the continental United States that number is 800-234-7722. In Canada, the numbers are 403-250-7440 (offices) or 800-661-8523 (entry line).